Purpose of the Society

Claylands Avenue Gardeners Society was formed as a non-profit organisation in April 2010 out of the old Worksop Allotment Association. The Society serves an 8 acre site off Claylands Avenue, Worksop.

Seven years ago, our site had a mere 16 gardeners; now we have over 100 gardeners on our site from early 20's to mid 80's.

The principle aims of the Society are to promote and preserve allotment and leisure gardening and to serve and protect the interests of the plot holders on the Claylands Avenue Site.

We have a great community of gardeners who swap and share knowledge, plants, seeds recipes and who are not adverse to the odd cuppa shared on a garden in the sunshine with a slice of cake made from an abundant crop of courgettes.

Our annual family day gives gardeners and their families chance to get together for some fun competitions and games.

If you've ever thought about having an allotment of your own, why not come up and see us during shop hours – whilst we don't always have space immediately we do have a waiting list and contact new gardeners as soon as plots become available.

Our Gardeners Shop

On site we operate a small not for profit shop, providing items for allotment holders and all gardeners who need products or just some advice.

Our stock includes good quality seed and potting composts, fertilizers, seeds, seasonal products such as seed potatoes and products to control all those bugs, grubs and diseases that will invade you from time to time.

In addition to products, we offer no obligation free and friendly advice to any gardener on a huge range of gardening issues, - whatever you choose to grow from apples to zucchinis, or just need advice for a perfect lawn we are more than happy to help.

We are open Sat & Sun from 10am to 11.30am and Fri from 2pm to 3pm. Everyone is welcome!

Here to help you and your garden grow

Our website is to designed give access to people for products, advice and tips, to promote our support to the local community and allow Claylands Plot Holders to access information relevant to the Site.

The Society has worked with Bassetlaw District Council and the National Society of Allotment and Leisure Gardeners to make the Claylands Allotment Site the first Self-Managed Site in Bassetlaw. From 1st April 2012, the Sciety has been responsible for the site, from rent collections and lettings, to inspections and reports to BDC.

Our Officers and Committee

Our Officers and Committee for 2019 are;

  • Chairman - Barney Friel
  • Secretary - Jennifer MacDonald
  • Treasurer - Eddie Hill
  • Committee - Barbara Shelley, Marta Wajer, Richard Duckmanton, Peter Spencer and Jackie Spencer


We have sub-committees as required for events or functions;


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