Garden Clearup

On 1st October 2011, ten volunteers gave three hours of their time to clear all the rubbish from the site and filled one skip and had two large bonfires. A big thank you to Fiona, Barbara, Rob, Julian, Mike, Dave, Pete, Jackie and Barry (plus me - Martin)

The photos below show their efforts in the scorching heat and sunshine! The hottest October day on record! A big, big thanks to you all, well done! Thanks to John Foster at BDC who arranged for a skip for us to use and for the asbestos to be bagged and safely removed from site.

To see more photos on Flickr, click here for the Community Garden Photos

Look here to see the three (non-scale) plans for the project, Plan 1 (finished garden) Plan 2 (finished garden top end) Plan 3 (before works commenced) and where the garden is on the Allotment Site Plan