Aim of the Community Garden

The project’s main aim is to increase the local community’s accessibility to gardening and in particular allotment gardening by allowing the wider community to have access to the site to learn and grow vegetables and fruit; in particular the local schools in the 'Food for Life' Program and groups with physical and learning disabilities.

The plan will utilize an area of approximately 700 sq. metres (two plots) and create:

  • a Community Garden with a Learning Centre,
  • composting toilets (illustrating an environmental alternative) as there is no mains drainage on site
  • access to a garden with wheelchair friendly paths
  • plots for cultivation, including three raised beds and six cultivation beds
  • two of the six cultivation beds would have horticultural quality poly tunnels
  • raised beds for those people who have severe back problems or who have wheel chair requirements
  • wildlife and bog gardens

Water supplies to the Learning Centre and the toilets would be taken from the current supply. The Learning Centre would be a well equipped anti-vandal site office of the ‘portakabin’ type for cost effectiveness and ease of placement.


The principle benefits of such a scheme are:

  • To give safe access to both children and adults who would not normally be able to garden in this way
  • Support the ‘Food For Life’ programme through the Valley Family of Schools, who have shown considerable interest in the scheme
  • Through the Learning Centre, education can be given in the understanding of the lifetime benefits of gardening, home grown produce and how companion planting can also support and encourage wildlife and insects
  • To demonstrate that gardening is a fun and healthy lifestyle

There are many gardeners currently on site who are both able and willing to give their time and expertise to help and educate those people who would wish to use these gardens and to maintain the facilities ongoing.


Phases to Completion

Details on the four phases to the Community Garden Project can be found here


News on Progress

Daily updates on the progress on each phase can be found here in the News Section