Oct 3, 2011

Community Garden Project - Phase One

The Committee are delighted to announce that we have secured funding for a Community Garden covering the two plots adjacent to the car park.

CAGS needed to raise a minimum of £2,000 towards the project and have finally achieved this amount, a big thank you to all our local supporters and NottsCC, Business Link, the Big Lottery Fund and our County and District Councillors.

This project could not happen without YOU!!!

What is the plan??

These plots were used by Luigi Bianco for over 50 years. Sadly, Luigi passed away lasy year and he will be missed by many of the old gardeners and friends at Claylands. It would be great to return the plots to good use as the plots look a bit sad at the moment...............as you can see






Aim of the Community Garden


The project’s main aim is to increase the local community’s accessibility to gardening and in particular allotment work by allowing the wider community to have access to the site to learn and grow vegetables and fruit; in particular the local schools and groups with physical and learning disabilities.

The plan will utilize an area of approximately 700 sq. metres (two plots) and create

  • a Community Garden with a Learning Centre,
  • composting toilets (illustrating an environmental alternative) as there is no mains drainage on site
  • access to a garden with wheelchair friendly paths
  • plots for cultivation, including four raised beds and six normal beds
  • two of the six normal beds would have horticultural poly tunnels
  • raised beds for those people who have severe back problems or who have wheel chair requirements
  • a wildlife garden

Water supplies to the Learning Centre and the toilets would be taken from the current supply. The Learning Centre would be a well equipped site office of the ‘portakabin’ type for cost effectiveness and ease of placement.


The principle benefits of such a scheme are

To give safe access to both children and adults who would not normally be able to garden in this way

  • Support the ‘Food For Life’ programme through the Valley Family of Schools, who have shown considerable interest in the scheme
  • Through the Learning Centre, education can be given in the understanding of the lifetime benefits of gardening, home grown produce and how companion planting can also support and encourage wildlife and insects
  • To demonstrate that gardening is a fun and healthy lifestyle

There are many gardeners currently on site who are both able and willing to give their time and expertise to help and educate those people who would wish to use these gardens and to maintain the facilities ongoing.

On 1st October, ten volunteers gave three hours of their time to clear all the rubbish from the site and filled one skip and had two large bonfires. A big thank you to Fiona, Barbara, Rob, Julian, Mike, Dave, Pete, Jackie and Barry (plus me - Martin).

The 'photos below show their efforts in the scorching heat and sunshine!! The hottest October day on record!!! A big, big thanks to you all, well done!!!......and thanks to John Foster at BDC who arranged for a skip for us to use and for the asbestos to be bagged and safely removed from site.

To see more photos on Flickr, click here for the Community Garden Photos

Look here to see the three (non-scale) plans for the project,

Plan 1 (finished garden)  Plan 2 (finished garden top end)  Plan 3 (as now) and where the garen is on the Site Plan


There are four phases to the Project, as follows

Phase One - Secure funding - complete

Phase Two - Construction and installation works - commencment late October and finished first week in December

Phase Three - Completion and sign off

Phase Four - Opening and Plot Allocations

Phase One

This is complete, funding has been secured to complete the Project (provisionally) in Full

  • NottsCC are providing up to £26,000 through a Local Improvement Scheme Grant for the hard civil construction works;  tenders have been submitted, assessed and Mellors Plant of Milton (near to Markham Moor) are our chosen contractor click here for details of Mellors Plant of mellors Plant . The order has been placed for the composting toilets with Kazubaloo click here for details of Kazubaloo.
  • Business Link East Midlands have provided a grant of £3,000 towards new tools (for the project gardeners), two poly-tunnels and two large gazebos with tables and 20 chairs. Tools are being supplied by Dukeries Garden Centre (Notcutts), the poly tunnels by Haygrove and the gazebos by Gala Tent.
  • The Big Lottery Fund have conditionally awarded £10,000 to us for the purchase of a Learning Centre PortaKabin
  • The additional amount needed of £2,000 has been riased from our County and District Councillors and from our own fundraising such as the Family Day, raffles and other donations.

We cannot say 'thank you' enough for the support that we have received from Notts County Council, our LIS Project Manager Gill Grievson, our County Councillor Sybil Fielding, our District Councillors Ivor Jones, David Pressley and Alan Rhodes, our Business Link Advisor Sue Coffey and many, many others too.

If you would like to get involved, either in the construction stage or ongoing working with the various groups, please do let us know as many hands make light work !!!