Oct 25, 2011

Community Garden - Phase Two

Construction work started on Tuesday, 25th October and was completed by 8th December 2011

We have put together photographs of the work completed each working day so that you can review how the project progressed. These are 'days worked' and do not always run consecutively.

Our construction team below was (from left to right) Jamie, Ben (boss man) and Joe.



At the start, it looked like this


At the end of Day 1, we had moved onto this



And by the end of Day 2, all levelled, lined and path barge boards going in



Day 3, more boards and lines, you can see the garden starting to take shape. Sleepers delivered for the raised beds.



Day 4, starting to hardcore the paths (with tarmac planings) and laid the water extension. Dug out to extend the concrete pad to the east and north. Measured out for raised sleeper beds.



Day 5, completed filling in the cultivation areas and started on the raised sleeper beds. The sleepers are reclaimed from the London Underground and are very, very long!!



 Not much more to see for Day 6, but the first two sleeper beds have been secured, concreted and back-filled and additional paths filled.



 By Day 7, we are now into hard lanscaping, with the footings being dug for the retaining walls (for the pad extension and the access ramp walls). Concrete mixed and poured ready for the block work to commence. 



Day 8 went well, with the erection of both poly tunnel frames, one covered and the other completed on day 9. Block work started in the footings for the concrete pad extension and the access ramp.



Day 9 saw the completion of the poly-tunnels, a big thank you the the construction team from Haygrove, Eamonn and Mark. These tunnels are absolutely brilliant. (details here in the 'Links' section of 'Resources'). Ben and the guys completed the last raised sleeper bed and dug out for the soakaway pit.


Day 10 had miserable weather! Cold, damp and drizzly. Not the best day for laying blockwork, but the lads cracked on. They even enlisted the help of Jamie's dad, Chris. (He's the one in the blue coat, having fun; Jamie's hiding in the trench!) Most of the paths were compacted with the 'whacker plate'. Visited Learning Centre manufacturers today, to select our prefered supplier.



 Day 11 saw the completion of the blockwork and most of the path compaction. NORSACA visited the site to discuss their weekly visit and the work that they will do on their part of the garden. Chris and Jamie look much happier today!




Not much to see for day 12, but many tonnes of hardcore was moved into position and compacted ready for shuttering (prior to concreting).



 Day 13, unlucky for Jamie, who was left on his own to complete the shuttering and compaction for the ramp and pads.



 Day 14 started with two deliveries of concrete; all day was spent tamping and floating....but it was very slow to set and was a bit wet when we left!!


 Day 15, Saturday, finished polishing the concrete (from Friday) and started on the north road and paths. One happy man below, Ben, after scraping out the new 3m wide road with the excavator. The first time that there has been proper access to these gardens for years.



Well, day 16 did not go quite to plan! The toilets did not turn up (should have arrived on Friday from France) so the guys completed the path from the Gateford Avenue pedestrian gate. Shuttered, fleeced and filled with tarmac planings.


Day 17, still no toilets!! However, it saw the first day that the Community used the garden. NORSACA clients, supervised by Emily and Nigel, started to clear the raise beds of weeds and rubbish.


But by lunchtime of day 17.....the toilet arrived and by late afternoon, the base is almost installed and look how happy Ben is!!




 Day 18, just Jamie, preparing the pad and insering the drains ready for concreting on Thursday. You can also see the toilet cabin framework in position to be concreted into place.


Day 19 and the weather is beautiful! Final pouring of concrete for the pad extension and securing of the toilet cabin frame and bowl (which you can just see in the background).



And at the end of day 19, the pad is finished and the toilet cabin frame and base are installed ready for the cabin to be completed next Wednesday. Massive thank you to Ben, Jamie and Joe of Mellors Plant  for their work. 



They'll be back Monday, 5th December, for one week to complete sleepers and railings finish the garden renovations at the north end of the site.

 Day 20, (Wednesday, 23rd November) James returned and continued to build the toilet cabin and structure. You can see the evaporation chimney in place and the roof on. Returning again on Friday to finish and have work signed off by Chairman and Notts CC


Day 21 (Friday, 25th November), James returned and finished the toilet cabin cladding. The toilet is now complete and ready for use.



Day 22 (29th November) and the final handover of the key from James Young (from Kazubaloo) to Barbara Shelley (from Claylands Avenue Gardeners Society). It was a bit windy and wet!!



Day 23 saw the railings being erected by Dave Wright of Wright Mechanical of Kirton, Newark, safe at last!! Paint being applied tomorrrow.



Day 24, (7th December) completing the sleepers at the back of the east car park, and it is freezing!!



Well the last day has come, day 25, 8th December and it was blowing a gale!! Ben finished the east car park sleepers and the path to Gateford Avenue. So it's a big, big thank you to Ben and his team - well done!!



And the path to Gateford Avenue


To see photos from any day, click here and select the day of your choice (all entitled CGP- Community Garden Project)