Apr 29, 2012

Official Opening of the Community Garden

The Community Garden Project was officially declared 'finished and open' on Saturday, 28th April 2012

The rain held off for almost three hours to allow the event to proceed in the dry. Guests included our County and District Councillors, Sybil Fielding and David Pressley together with many of our supporters, contractors and suppliers. These included Ben Mellors and his family (Mellors Plant), Sue Coffey (Business Link), Gill Grievson (Greenwood Partnerships), Mea Kendall (Veolia), Gary Nelson (Prospect Hill Junior School) and David White (Headmaster) from St.Johns primary School and we lost count of how many staff, children and parents from St.John's.


Many people have had an impact on the success of our project and the afternoon was a celebration of all those efforts. Over 120 attendees enjoyed a relaxed time, although parking so many vehicles was a challenge!
The Chair (Martin Hadfield on the left) was pleased to see so many attendees, especially the main contractor for the Project, Ben Mellors.
Refreshments (tea/coffee/juices) and snacks were available from 1pm, served from the new kitchen in the Learning Centre, all charged at a very low rate, together with plant and shop sales. Food included pork pies, scones and a huge variety of cupcakes. Sales here raised a massive £100 towards the Garden Funds, with plant sales adding another £50. A huge thank you is due to all those gardeners, parents, families and friends who donated their time, planting and cooking skills. The monthly shop raffle added another £104.50 to our funds with over £80 worth of tickets being sold on the day!
The formalities commenced at 2pm with an opening address from the Chair of the Society, followed by three songs being sung by the school children from St.Johns, not many dry eyes there!!
This was followed by an address by our County Councillor, Sybil Fielding, before the cutting of the ribbon (below)
and the planting of a silver birch tree to commemorate both the Opening Event and the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.
Everone smiles as Sybil tries to find the 'start' button to the spade!! And even jumped for joy when she did!!
As a token of thanks for their huge support, the Chair presented (on behalf of the Society) flowers to both Sybil Fielding and Gill Grievson.
If you were able to attend and would like to have 'photos that you have taken included in this article, please e-mail them to us by clicking this link and attaching your 'photos.
And a final bit of extra good news," ...." in recognition of the outstanding contribution to improving Nottinghamshire's Environment.....", the County Council have selected our Community Garden Project for an award under the Local Improvement Scheme initiative. This will be presented to our Chair at a Celebration Event to be held at the Newark Show Ground on 15th May 2012